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Ruchesika Tarot System

"The Ruchesika Tarot, crafted by Ruby Bagaya, Chelsea Sheridan, Simbarashe Shasha Chirisa, and Kareem David James Mitchell, blends art and spirituality, offering an intuitive tool for life's journey. It diverges from traditional tarot, inviting personal interpretation and introspection, eschewing intricate details for deeper connections. Designed with a southern gothic aesthetic, it fosters individual spiritual exploration rather than adhering to a specific path. This deck, rooted in friendship and love, empowers readers to unlock their own creative energies."


Karmaryla: White Mirror

"Explore the enchanting world of Karmaryla White Mirror's coffee table masterpiece, where artistry meets alchemy. Delve into a mesmerizing journey through captivating visuals intricately woven with the secrets of alchemy. A fusion of creativity and mystique awaits within these pages, inviting you to discover the transformative power of art."


Karmaryla: Work Magic

"Karmaryla: Work Magic takes you on a visionary odyssey in futuristic Africa, Monomotapa. Through allegory, it prophesies societal shifts with eerie accuracy, weaving magic into its narrative. A timeless tale of power, destiny, and the indomitable human spirit."


The Night The Boys Came

"In 'The Night The Boys Came,' authors, survivors of a harrowing attack, bravely recount the trauma of gender-based violence. Through poignant prose, they unravel the haunting narrative of resilience and solidarity, shedding light on the shadows of injustice that linger in the corridors of our society."

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